Founded in Fall 2009 and chartered Spring 2010, the Asian American Student Association at Georgia Tech is a multicultural organization that seeks to address the lack of unity between Asian communities on campus. The Asian organizations are typically focused on their own individual cultures and have little or no knowledge of one another.
Our mission is to:
  • Promote Asian and Asian-American culture
  • Encourage collaboration among member organizations
  • Support member organizations by providing finances, manpower, publicity, and supplies
  • Unify the voice of the Asian community
  • Mediate conflicts between member organizations
To address problems in the Asian and Asian-American community, we seek to:
  • Connect Asian and Asian-American programs and clubs at Georgia Tech
  • Enrich its members by inspiring passion, developing leadership and citizenship, encouraging academic excellence, and providing an inclusive network
  • Educate the student body of Asian and Asian-American issues, history, and culture
  • Advocate for student, social, and political concerns affecting Asians and Asian-Americans