Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)

Board 2015 – 2016


Andrew Huang


Vice President

Wayne Lu



Chris Lung



Tony Ly


The Taiwanese American Student Association is a non-profit organization that provides passionately designed venues that explore and celebrate Taiwanese American culture and identity in order to inspire, empower, and activate the Georgia Tech community. TASA explores the perspectives that exist within Taiwanese American culture and identity, including:

  • Building, developing, and nurturing its member relationships and community;
  • Empowering its participants with the resources to further develop their personal identities wherever they may go;
  • Inspiring its participants to think about their identity, how their identity relates to the world, and what place they have in it;
  • And creating a voice that represents Taiwanese Americans in larger arenas in order to give Taiwanese Americans an influential force in society.

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